Lesson 1. Potential and Kinetic Energy Lab

  • Explore a world of ENERGY in MOTION!  Build a GIANT marble rollercoaster powered by Gravity and YOU! 
  • Enjoy some outdoor fun and social distancing with STEM Batting Practice.  Use an ENERGY powered self-pitching machine to hit a home run!

Lesson 2.  Supersonic Sound Lab

  • Use SONIC VIBRATION technology to transform ANY item in your home into a powerful speaker!
  • Transform into a Rock Star with a real LASER guitar. 

Lesson 3.  Newton's Lab of Motion

  • Discovering the science of MOTION while bowling...with FROGS?
  • Explore Newton's third law of motion with an air powered STOMP rocket!
  • Wear the "Cat-Catcher" like a baseball glove and explore Newton's 2nd law!

Lesson 4.  Perfect Paleontology

  • Transform into a Jr Paleontologist while digging out REAL dino-era fossils you can keep! 
  • Perfect Paleontology includes three different digs!
  • Add to your fossil collection with REAL fossilized shark teeth!

Lesson 5.  Electrified Robotics

  • Easily program a HI-TECH robot!  Use up to 100 commands to complete your own obsticle course. This robot comes pre-built and ready to RUN. 
  • Draw a line!  The Line-Tracker Robot will follow your every command.  Choose your robot's path with a simple black marker! 
  • Feel the POWER!  Use a Handheld Static Generator to make your hair stand up, lift up paper, or even fly cool metallic shapes through the air!  


STEM Package 1 - Includes 5 Lesson Videos

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